Dzierlenga Furniture is a lady-woodworking shindig that finds enjoyment and satisfaction in splinters and callouses. We believe in the power of everyday objects, and that beauty often resides alongside function. We spend our days designing and building with full-on intention.

Most of the lumber we use is sourced from the woods around us here in the Hudson River Valley. We also mill some of it ourselves on our land. We prefer to work with sustainable woods, and natural finishes. Our farmhouse is wind-powered, and heated with the off-cuts from our furniture shop.

The furniture we build is part of a greater American heritage. These are heirloom pieces, meant to last for generations, and we stand by our work. Each component of every piece has had our hands on it- and if you look closely, you can probably even see the marks left behind by traditional hand-tooling. We are proud to lead this life- and are overjoyed to be able to share a piece of it with our clients.

We are members of the Los Angeles based Box Collective- a coalition of like-minded furniture makers dedicated to sustainable building practices. We are also happily part of the NY-based WorkOf family, which is an inspiring platform fostering real connections between mindful buyers and independent creators. Our work can be found online, at Kaufmann Mercantile, and at the Fair Design Showroom in the NY Design Center.

Dzierlenga F+U is proud to collaborate with individual buyers, as well as with designers in the creation of custom pieces to suit any particular need.